Monday, 14 February 2011


Marlo the Magician walks in, tired, slumping on his coat with a cup of tea in one hand as he gets ready backstage for a show.
He takes out his magic wand. While sipping his tea, he zaps his slippers into shoes, and makes his bowtie tie itself.
His beard gets dragged into the knot. Marlo notices, quickly puts his tea cup down and untangles his beard in a panic.
Marlo vanishes magic wand between hands and slides up sleeves.
Picks up first glove, puts in on and wiggles fingers. Meanwhile, the other glove comes alive and starts walking away.
Marlo goes to pick up second glove, notices its not there. He spots it about to jump off the table and catches it.The glove continues to walk while he holds it in mid air.
Shakes glove,annoyed, and puts it on. He then picks up his top hat, brushes off dust, holds it over his head and takes a deep breath.
As soon as the hat is on his head, he straightens his back and becomes the performer.
Marlo bows, fans out some cards from thin-air, makes one card jump to the other hand, shows the card.
Carried away in the moment, he takes off top hat, shows the inside, goes to introduce...

Marlo is in the same pose as the old poster in the background, which depicts a young Marlo introducing his magical assistant Merit the Ferret.
His happy face droops, upset and emotional. Marlo sighs, reaches his hand out to the poster of Merit, looking nostalgic and sad.
A black hole zooms into the magician and his long lost companion.

-courtesy of Lilly

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Final Marlo and The Beginnings of Flash Website

Here is the turn around, emotion sheet and simplified head proportions for the final design.

After a chat with Sharon, our tutor, we decided to simplify his hairline and beard from the first two, to look like the third image. Much easier to draw, and much more consistant :)

On another note, this week we've begun our Flash Website brief, for which we have to create a main start page, with 4 links to our own seperate pages, with each of our pages including either a game or piece of animation etc about Marlo... if that makes sense. Flash seems to be a pretty cool program. Yesterday we briefly learned how to create buttons, and animations etc etc which was fun. But now the real work begins.

So far, we have Charlie creating a page about his past, Sarah creating a dress up game, Lilly creating an interactive dressing table and myself trying to create a rhythm game (which seems to become more and more a bad choice the further i look into it). With the tutor, who will be helping us on this project, admitting he doesnt know too much about scripting (he just copies scripts from the internet) Im wondering if I'll be successful with my choice of game. Nothing like jumping in head first.